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Our InvestHER Meetup Leaders

Corinn Altomare

Host - Philadelphia, PA

Serena Bales

Host - Kansas City, KS

Stephanie Banno

Host - Austin, TX

Lacee Beitler

Host - Pittsburgh, PA

Meghan Chomut

Host - Ontario, Canada

Kendra Ellis

Host - Knoxville, TN

Veronica Ferrante

Host - Bucks County, PA

Angela Florie

Host - Long Island, NY

Amanda Gisonni

Host - Hudson Valley, NY

Kim Handelman

Host - Guilford, CT

Caitlyn Horst

Host - Lancaster, PA

Taylor Hudgins

Host - Virginia Beach, VA

Camilla Jeffs

Host - Scottsdale, AZ

Melissa Johnson

Host - San Antonio, TX

Megan Lamke

Host - Minnesota, MN

Sonia Macias

Host - Omaha, NE

Gertrude Mageza

Host - Boston, MA

Michelle Maran

Host - Montclair, NJ

Rita Mederios

Host - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Crystal Musser

Host - Lancaster, PA

Marcie Rathbun

Host - Raleigh, NC

Patricia Red Hawk

Host - Newtown Square, PA

Sharyn Riley

Host - Cherry Hill, NJ

Hilary Romero

Host - San Antonio, TX

Palak Shaw

Host - Main Line, PA

Nicole Valenzuela

Host - Chicago, IL

Racheli Vidal

Host - New York, NY

Nancy Wallace-Laabs

Host - Dallas, TX

Ashley Wilson

Host - Newtown Square, PA

Aline Zamora

Host - Jacksonville, FL

Why should you become an InvestHER Meetup leader?

We are committed to creating and building a community where women have a safe environment to ask questions and get the support they really need to grow their investing businesses and own who they really are.

Our vision is to create platforms where women can share their knowledge, be in the spotlight, be a role model for future generations of women and ultimately build wealth through Real Estate.

The leaders are women who share our mission and vision and are committed to run monthly meetups in their local market. Our job is to provide the support and the procedures to make sure we are all thriving.

It's a win-win. You win by getting more exposure to being part of a larger community of investors and we win by expanding our reach. For all the InvestHER Meetup Leaders, we are hosting quarterly MasterMind Sessions, which will focus on improving one another’s investing business. Leaders will gain tremendous value from these Private MasterMind Sessions where they will solve their greatest investing challenges.

Interested in becoming an InvestHer Meetup Leader?


Meetup Leaders

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